HVDC-WISE partners get together for workshop on modelling technologies

On the 10th of October, Work Package 4 (which is dedicated to technologies and their modelling) organized an online event about CIM/CGMES (Common Grid Model Exchange Specification / Common Information Model). This tutorial and workshop session were open to the whole consortium, with more than 30 people attending. 

The tutorial part shared knowledge on the standard that is planned to support the further studies of the project. Chavdar Ivanov (Tennet) presented CIM’s purpose, history, current status and recent development. 

The workshop discussed technical topics, including how the objects to be modelled in the project could be included in a public library (this will be one of the deliverables of the project). The discussion focused on dynamic profiles. Georgii Tishenin (RWTH) reminded the goals of task 4.3 Model standardization and development of a structured database, that will propose extensions to IEC CIM / CGMES standards and provision of a public library of models to have a common way to describe models. Finally, Martín Moraga (RWTH) did a demo of CIMpy and CIMgen, two open-source tools developed at RWTH. 

Overall, this session allowed the consortium to get a better alignment on the next steps for the WP4.