Project Description


The European Commission has defined plans for the development of renewable energies to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This change in production of electricity from fossil fuels to wind and solar power generation will lead to dramatic changes in power flows across AC transmission networks. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is increasingly being recognized as the most effective technology to handle the transport of this energy.


A wide range of issues can affect the reliability and resilience of the electricity network
Equipment Failure
Climate & extreme weather impacts
Technology Changes
Increased operational complexity
System User's Actions
Actions of malicious actors


The future European power system will need to consider new sources of vulnerability as the integration of RES, HVDC, and PE increases


Prevention of adverse outcomes


Containment of adverse outcomes

Withstand Disasters & Recovery

from adverse outcomes
Adapted HVDC configuration design

New HVDC supporting technologies 

Dedicated control & protection actions

HVDC opportunities to increase system reliability and resilience 


  • Develop a complete reliability-&-resilience-oriented planning toolset with appropriate representation of different HVDC-based grid architecture concepts in hybrid AC/DC grids
  • Identify, propose and compare different HVDC-based grid architecture concepts aiming to address TSOs’ reliability and resilience needs for widespread AC/DC systems
  • Identify and assess emerging technologies for HVDC-based grid architecture concepts needed for the deployment of widespread AC/DC transmission grids
  • Validate the toolset and grid architecture in an industrially relevant environment
  • Prepare for the adoption and deployment of these proposed solutions by the industry



The results of the project will strongly contribute to the design of the future European energy system.

Reduced transmission losses using HVDC
Greater capacity and power capabilities for energy transport
Facilitates renewable energy system integration
Facilitates inter-area energy trade