TU Delft Hosts Third HVDC-WISE General Meeting 

The third General Meeting of the HVDC-WISE project consortium was held at the TU Delft facilities in the Netherlands on May 28th and 29th. The meeting focused on the progress and results achieved in each work package (WP) and the development of use cases. 

Significant milestones have been reached in WP3, WP4, and WP5, which cover architectures, technologies, and tools for AC/DC systems, respectively. These work packages are either completed or nearing completion. The consortium is now concentrating on how to utilize these results in the project’s next phase, specifically in defining methodologies for the use cases. 

Concerning these, the three use cases cover various geographic and operational contexts, including the EU mainland, the UK mainland, and the EU-UK offshore grid. 

The specific use cases are: 

  • Use Case 1: Reinforcement of a highly meshed continental European network. 
  • Use Case 2: Reinforcement of a small or medium synchronous area in the GB network. 
  • Use Case 3: Interconnection of EU and GB networks through a multi-purpose HVDC grid for offshore wind integration and inter-area energy trade. 

Initial specifications for these use cases have been established. A common methodology for Reliability and Resilience (R&R)-oriented HVDC-based reinforcement is being developed.  

This methodology will include key performance indicators, practical assumptions, operational scenarios, and various types of disturbances, extending beyond the typical assessment of ‘normal’ N-1 conditions. This comprehensive methodology aims to offer practical and realistic solutions for enhancing system resilience through HVDC design options, ensuring resilient and reliable energy networks across the covered regions.  

 With 20 months completed since the project’s commencement, it has reached nearly the halfway mark, with the conclusion anticipated in Q1 2026.